Best Gifts for the Outdoor Enthusiast Christmas Men Gift list

Share has created the following list, that gives you a great list of items to buy for the Outdoor Enthusiast in your life.
The items listed below are some of the Best Gift Ideas for outdoor men or women.

This list are items that we use and have learned to love.

So, here you have it, the top outdoor Christmas gift list for your outdoor enthusiast.

Best Gift Ideas for Outdoors enthusiast Under $25

Sawyer Mini Water Purifier

A great gift item for your 72 hour kit, for hiking and backpacking. This little water purifier just works, a great stocking stuffer for the outdoor enthusiast.

Havalon Hunting Knife

A surgical blade for caping and gutting your game. This is it, a great stocking stuffer for the hunter in your life.

Marokniv Survival knife

Everyone needs a survival knife. This knife is inexpensive and just works. A great gift for the man, or outdoors man in your life

Tactical Belt

We all need a great belt, and a tactical belt does about all a good belt should do and more.

Swift Wick Socks:

One of our favorite socks available. This sock is just a great product for a Christmas item.

Best Gift Ideas for Outdoors enthusiast Under $50

Vanguard Hunting Bipod

One of our favorite hunting bipods for a little less money than others. This is a great gift for the hunter in your life.

Kenetrek Hiking and Hunting Socks

The best hunting and hiking sock available. This sock just works, and helps prevent blisters. Nothing like a nice pair of socks for Christmas.

Primos Shooting mono pod

If you are into mono pods for shooting, this is one of the very best. This is a great Christmas gift idea.

Zero Gravity Chair

Just a comfortable great chair for the outdoors man. This is a very comfortable chair for the home or outdoors.

Best Gift Ideas for Outdoors enthusiast Between $100-$500

Solar Panel

Everyone needs a way to charge their device in the woods. This is a great gift idea for the back packer.

BadLands Hunting Jacket

One of our favorite hunting jackets. It works and is warrantied for anything. This is a great Christmas gift for the hunter.

SlumberJack Carbine hunting pack

A good all around pack for a decent price. This is a good day pack for the guy that is out hunting or hiking.

Browning Ground Blind

One of our very favorite gift ideas for 2017. This ground blind is a great tool. We love the Browning Ground Blind, this thing is a tank, and is a great price.

2 Man Mountain Hardware back packing tent

Everyone needs a 2 man tent, everyone! This is a great mid priced tent.

Kowa Spotting Scope

We love KOWA! there is not a better value for a spotting scope. Great clarity, great low light capabilities. We LOVE KOWA!

Canyon 103 Cooler

One of the best heavy duty coolers out there.

Best Gift Ideas for Outdoors enthusiast over $500

Nikon Binoculars Monarch 7

You do not need to spend a fortune to get a good bino. This mid range binoculars will do whatever you need them to do. A great 2017 gift item.

Vortex PST Rifle Scope

Unlimited lifetime warranty good glass. This is a great scope for a very good price.

Vortex Viper Spotting Scope

Vortex makes great product. This is their mid range spotter. We really like it.

Down Big Agnes Sleeping Bag

Some of our favorite product are Big Agnes. You cannot go wrong with this great down bag.

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