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  1. zack
    March 6, 2016

    The light works great if you are using it as a hand held but if you put it on a weapon mine did not work very well. The light would shine but every time I pulled the trigger the light would flash and part of the time would cut off completely. As for the customer service it is laughable. I’ve been talking on the phone and emailing since December and still do not have my light back in my hands. I had to ship it to China and then it was delayed and the company said it would not be moving forward until after Feb 20 because of Chinese new year. I like the light as a handheld, the distance it shines is awesome but as for a light to put on a ar 15 or any other weapon it is clearly not capable. I just wanted to let anyone looking at purchasing one of these to try and find one to play with before you buy, you may find something better for a weapon light.

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