Platypus Gravity Works Water Filtration System 2L&4L *Updated*


Platypus Gravity Works Water Filtration system. Platypus Gravity Works Water Filtration System, USE TEST REVIEW Editor: Cory McLaughlin Follow us on Instagram @ireviewgear Just the Facts: Update: Below PRODUCT DETAILS 2L An ultralight and versatile water filter that makes it easy to treat water for 2-4 people on backpacking, hiking, and backcountry trips, the pump-free […]

KUIU Ultra Merino Wool Sock Review


KUIU ULTRA MERINO CREW SOCK REVIEW Editor: Randy Johnson iReview Gear Lead Field Editor HIGH DESERT WILD SHEEP GUIDES Basic Description: A lightweight, comfortable, breathable, moisture wicking, very technical sock that features Nuyarn fabric technology. Designed to protect and cushion your feet in rugged mountain terrain this sock can be comfortably worn for extended […]

Crispi Master’s Professional Sherpa Trekking Poles Review


CRISPI MASTER’S PROFESSIONAL “SHERPA” TREKKING POLES Editor: Randy Basic Description of item: This 3-section adjustable Master’s Sherpa telescoping ski/trekking pole is lightweight and versatile, designed to stand the rigors of the toughest terrain. Built for the extreme these poles will provide extra cushion for your knees while out facing the demands and packing heavy loads […]

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