Kenetrek 10” Mountain Extreme, Non-Insulated Review


Kenetrek 10” Mountain Extreme, Non-Insulated Review

Editor: Shane

Basic Description of item:

The Kenetrek is a stiff mountain boot. It is waterproof and breathable. It uses a proprietary “K-Talon” outsole that is replaceable if you outlast the issued one. They are built to carry heavy loads in rough country.

Just the Facts:

  • 2.8mm full grain leather uppers
  • Rubber rand
  • Waterproof and Breathable” Wind-Tex” membrane
  • Re-soleable
  • 3.9 pounds per pair
  • Made in Italy


If I had to use only one word to describe the Mountain Extreme it would have to be “harsh”. They do their best work in rough, rocky, steep country. They make carrying a heavy pack easier on your feet. They help keep a hunter on his feet and off his ass (or face) when he most needs help.  They do not feel like house slippers or tennis shoes or Danner Pronghorns for that matter.  They are my go- to boot for most, but not all situations.

I ordered the Kenetrek Mountain Extremes after packing out a bull in a pair of “comfortable” boots. After two trips up a steep, rocky draw and two heavy loads out, my feet were twisted, bruised and sore.  It wasn’t that the boots were faulty; I just took the wrong tool for the job.  The Mountain Extreme is a tool designed for that very job.

I had never worn a mountain boot so I was a little surprised by the stiffness of the sole on these boots. The sole is built around a full-length nylon midsole and a steel shank.  The sole does not flex or twist so it provides great support and protection, especially when side-hilling. The uppers are made of very heavy leather but they use a flex notch to allow more natural movement of the ankle.  I felt a little like a stormtrooper when I first put them on but, after a few laps around the house I started to learn how to roll with the stiff sole.

The tongue is attached all the way up the sides so the boot is waterproof to the top. Kenetrek uses the Wind-Tex membrane to keep the water out and to allow the boot to breathe.  The top opens up very wide despite the attached tongue. I have a fairly high instep and the boots are still easy for me to get into. I have heard complaints about Kenetrek boots leaking. The only water that ever got in mine came in over the top.

The boot has a rubber “rand” that adds additional protection to the bottom inch or so of the boot and the foot in it. This is a great feature that extends the life of the boot. Some leather treatment products break down the glue that holds the rand on. Some will actually damage the rubber itself so choose carefully.

I like Superfeet insoles. They are much more substantial than the issued insoles and I have never worn these boots without them. If you stopped at the Kenetrek booth at the expo you saw that they are pretty fond of them too.

I am on my second set of soles. Carter’s in Bozeman does the work for Kenetrek. They are quick and reasonably priced. The soles seem to wear pretty fast but I abuse them. And the uppers still have plenty of use left so it is money well spent.

I have had these boots for three years now. I have put a lot of miles on them. As previously stated, this is my first experience with this type of boot so I don’t have anything to compare to. I do know that these boots are much better than anything I’ve used for steep, rocky terrain. They even make side-hilling more tolerable. (It’s never good, is it?)  They are relatively heavy at four pounds per pair. They are very stiff and therefore noisy. They would not be my first choice for still hunting easy country or stump sitting. Good stuff is never cheap and these boots offer no exception at $375 a pair. ($390 and $410 for the insulated versions).What the Mountain Extreme IS, is a very well built boot that excels at making rough country and heavy packs easier on a hunters feet.

What they could do better:

  • Improve the insole. At this price point, the consumer shouldn’t have to add anything

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  1. I bought a pair of these boots and they leaked after 1 week hunting. I tried to return them or get them repaired with no luck from Kenetrek. I’ve owned other hunting boots from Cabelas and Danner over the years that did not leak like this. These boots had a poor or defective membrane or liner and Kenetrek did not warranty them. I would not recommend buying the Kenetrek Mountain Extremes. Sam Mazzeo.

    • I agree. I also had an issue with mine and Kenetrek did not warranty them or even fix or replace them.

  2. That really surprises me, I have had GREAT luck getting things returned. Do you want me to help with that?

  3. Rusty Shelton says

    Have a pair of the Hard Scrabble and a pair of the Mountain Extremes insulated. Both are great boots. Have had Scrabble for two seasons and Extremes for one season. Started to see some separation on the toe guard of the Extremes w/i 3 months. Put some shoe goo on them and seems to be holding.

    No leaks to date.

    Have had a 4 pairs of the Mendel Canada boot by Cabelas. They are more comfortable but not as supportive as the Kenetreks.

    The scrabble did not provide enough support for heavy pack loads-70+/- lbs in steep terrain. The Extremes on the other hand are really nice. Particularly side and downhill. Ankle twisting is not an issue. Soles seem to be holding up well so far.

    Do have one hot spot on the R heel but may be due to the insoles I replaced.

    Good boots but pricey. Would buy them again.

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    • Great comment! We have seen some separation as well.
      Send those boots back, I bet they will fix or replace.

      • i am looking at the moutian extreams but don’t know whether to go insulated or non is there an aprox temp range for that ? also what is a Crispi boot thank you

        • Uninsulated would go down to about 35 with some snow. If you are wearing a good wool sock. The insulated will be comfy down another 20 degrees at least.
          The Crispi hunter would be comparable to the extreme insulated. Hope that helps.

  4. What is your honest opinion about these boots compared to the Crispi hunters?

    • Both are outstanding boots!
      The Crispi fits me a little better due to the larger toe box.
      Both will last you many years, and perform well.
      I would call it a draw and get one that you can get the best deal on.
      I can get you 20 % off on Crispi if you go that route.
      The Crispi comes with a slightly better insole.

      Boy am I wishy washy or what.

      • Thanks for the input. I just ordered up a pair. I’ll post a review after beating the snot out of them horn hunting western colorado. Thanks for the great research site.


  5. I have had a pair for 5-6 years, they have packed out many heavy loads, but they are starting to hurt my feet. They press up hard on the ball of my foot. Have tried many insoles with no luck. They are a tough, very supportive boot, I hate to give them up.

  6. I had a pair of the Kenetrek Mountain Extreme noninsulated boots and had a serious problem with them leaking. I cleaned the boots and when I was taking out my insoles i notice a HUGE hole in the heal where my foot had rubbed a hole all the way to the plastic. This surprised me as they had really only been used on a few hunts and had maybe 100 miles or so. I sent the boots to the company and after a week called to make sure they received them. I was told they would call me back. After another week of not hearing anything I called again and was told I was not in the system. They then had to go find my boots. They told me they had called me and e-mailed me and that they were going to offer me a new pair at the discounted price of $300. This floored me! Why the hell would i spend another $300 on a pair of boots that i already spent $400 on and they failed me???!!! I said as much. I was told the tech would call me back and explain. After checking both my email and my voicemail i found that neither had messages from Kenetrek. I called back and told them i had not received anything from them. Obviously, I had not know about it or why would i call to inquire about the boots if i had gotten a message? The person on the phone said they had to review the boots and they would call me back. a short time later i got a call and was told that they would be sending me a new pair and that after review they could see that the boots where not overly worn and that it was not a normal wear issue.

    It is great that they are going to send me a new pair of boots and i am thankful but i feel like i should not have had to fight so hard to make that happen. Had i not said anything they would have been fine with letting me spend another $300.

    will say this of the boots though, they preform very well in rough terrain. No rolled ankle or sore feet from me. Not ever! The only issue i had was some heal slippage and a few blisters before i broke my feet in. I say feel because I don’t think you can go from shoes and sandals on flat ground to boots and hills without expecting your feet to have a toughing up period. The waterproofing ultimately failed me and a thunderstorm wetted the grass enough that my 8 mile hike was soon very unpleasant as my feet quickly became soaked. Yes, i was wearing a synthetic/wool blend lightweight sock so it was not a sock issue. I use Lorpen socks every time i put on my boots.

    Kenetrek boots are comfortable and stable that i can say without a doubt. My boots held water out about as good as a pair of flip flops though. The customer service was shaky at first but in the end they made things right with me. If they fix the leakage issue i would say they are worth the money for sure.

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  7. I bought a pair of mountain extreme and wore for 2 seasons and really liked the boot. The heal on one started coming off the boot so instead of just putting some shoe glue inthe heal I sent the boots Iin for repair. 2 months later I received the boots back unprepared and one boot was missing the sole completely. These boots were fine and would have lasted me at least one more season if I had not sent them in for repair. I called kenetrek and spoke with Jim and he said the boots were unrepairable. I am very very disappointed with kenetrek for ruining my boots. In my opinion the sole coming off should have been a warranty issue and theyshould replace them if they cannot fix them. Don’t send them back to the customer in worse condition. Kenetrek has lost this customer over 1 pair of defective boots.

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