Crispi Wild HTG GTX Boot Review


Crispi Wild htg gtx hunting boot review

Just the facts:
Upper: Full-grain leather
GORE-TEX®: Insulated comfort footwear lining
Insole: Differentiated structure
A.B.S.S.: CSF construction
Vibram®: Sole with shock absorbing mid-sole
Height: 9.5″
Weight: 870 grms or 1.9 lbs per boot

Cool Features that make a difference:
-The single wave design makes entry and exit of the boot easy and comfortable.
-ABSS, Ankle Brace Support System, really is a difference maker. You can feel the boot clinch your ankle particularly on decents.
-Wide and comfortable toe box, I have never felt the squeeze of the boot on my foot in these boots.

Editor: Mike


This is a 9.5” tall mountain hunting boot that is well suited for steep rocky terrain and will give you excellent support when carrying heavy loads. It is fairly lightweight for a boot that is this high, weighing in at 1.9 lbs. per boot.
I have been using this boot now for over a year in a variety of terrain and weather conditions:

-Mountain Hunting
I was able to use the boot on 2 different high country back pack trips this year. On both trips I packed in about 50 pounds.
The hike in was about 5 miles. The terrain was mixed but full of rocks, and un-level ground. The boot absorbed the rocks with great success, and I did not feel a transfer of shock into my foot or body.
The weather on both trips was extreme! Cold, snow, and slush. The Crispi Wild handled this very well! I did not get any moisture on my foot, and kept warm!
The boot claims comfort down to minus 10, and I agree. I felt warm and roasty the entire trips.

-Desert Hunting in Southern Utah
This trips took me to the sandstone and heat of Southern Utah. Traction and sole wear is critical!
The Crispi Wild handled this situation very well. I stuck to the cliffs, and never felt slippage.
After the trip I did notice a slight amount of sole wear on the Vibram soles, but not any more than would be expected.

This is an outstanding boot! It is not an approach boot, it is a do it boot. It handled tough terrain well. It does a good job of wicking moisture away from your foot, and could be used in cold and warm conditions:
The boot has a large size toe box, and is very comfortable. I have a wider foot, and the regular width was perfect for me.

What they could do better:
The insole is average at best, ship it with a better insole.
Other than that????

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  1. Great review. Keep up the good work.


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  2. Jeff Whitmarsh says:

    Are the Crispi Wild HTG GTX boots still going strong? I am also thinking of going with uninsulated this time.

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