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  1. lance mckern
    September 20, 2012

    Purchased the Crispi Idaho GTX boots right before I left for a hunt in Wyoming this year. I received the boots 3 days before my trip. I tried them on, that was it! I took a huge gamble by bringing them on a rugged packing trip. I just want to say, THESE ARE THE REAL DEAL!! Put these on at the trail head and hiked in about 5.5 miles up steep and rugged terrain and set up camp. I put on 2 pairs of Merino wool socks just to be safe. I am an avid hunter and hiker, I hiked about 5-6 miles a day and had zero problems. My feet were very comfortable and the support is amazing. These boots are also very light for a hunting boot. These are by far the best pair of boots i have ever purchased!! Do yourself a favor, by them. FYI, my hunting buddies had equally priced boots (not saying brand), and got blisters on there heels.

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  2. Josh
    October 23, 2012

    I do not have this perticular pair of boots, but I want them. I just recently bought a pair of the Crispi Nevada HTG GTX last week. I bought them because of all the positive reviews on this site about the Crispi boots not to mention Scheels had them on sale for $250 instead of $399.00. I basically bought these boots a few days before my deer hunt. I figured I might be digging my own grave not breaking them in before I left hunting.

    I was pleasently surprised. These boots fit and feel great. I would get back to camp after hiking around all day and wouldn’t want to put on my camp shoes. jI walked through all kinds of nasty buck brush and through rock slides and they still look like when I bought them. They are some tough boots. After having this pair I am going to be getting the Idaho GTX for my early season hunts as the Nevada Boots are insulated.

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  3. Ty
    August 1, 2014

    I would like to know how these boots fare around cactus. I’m in New Mexico and really don’t use any nylon type boot because of past problems with a cactus needle going through a boot at 9500 ft with the winds whipping and it being around 20 degrees. Please let me know if you can.

  4. Mario Maritato
    January 28, 2015

    Can’t speak to quality of boots since I never recieved them, ordered online, credit card promptly billed but almost impoosible to reach anyone, order 4 months ago and voice mails and e-mails are ignored!

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