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Crispi Kanada Hiking and Trecking Boot Review

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Just the Facts:

Key Features:
GORE-TEX®: insulated comfort footwear lining
A.B.S.S.: DTL construction insole with differentiated structure
Protection: Rubber heel and toe-cap
Monster assymmetric sole Vibram®: Sole with shock absorbing “plugs”

Height: 8 tall

Weight: 800 grms or 1.77 lbs per boot

I have been wearing the Kanada Boot by Crispi for about 4 weeks. I have had them on every day for a minimum of 4 hours since getting these boots. I must admit that some of that wear came at the shopping mall, and Cabelas, so I do have a softer side!
The real test for these boots occurred in the STEEP Utah mountains near my home. I have taken the boot on over 50 miles of hikes so far.
The Crispi boots that I wore, the Kanada, has an extremely comfortable arch, and toe box. I felt my arch was supported perfectly, and my toes, and forward part of my foot literally felt like they were in a bed of down.
Crispi spends a LOT of marketing energy talking about the technology they use, ABSS, SWS, are a couple of the terms they use for the support and construction design.
The ABSS is not just marketing hype, I could feel my Ankle Supported, better in this boot than any other boot I have worn. Keep in mind I have worn: Kenetrek, Lowa, Merrell, and many other boots.
On the last trip, I started the hike at a cold temp of 12 degrees F. I wore a pair of SAMS Club Merrino Wool Socks under the boots. My foot was very very comfortable temperature wise, and I felt the downing comfort that I love to feel.
I have not taken it easy on this boot, ok outside of the trips to the mall, I have focused on rocky, steep, and slick terrain. The Kanada ate this up! I never felt any foot shock or pain at all. The mid sole and Ankle Brace Support System really work, and absorbed this stuff perfectly.
The great vibram sole stuck to the slick snowing ground very well, and I never felt a lack of traction.
The boot literally made me want to hike, and I could feel it propelling me forward. I feel 100% confidence in this boot, and its ability to get me where I am going.
The Kanada boot, would be a great choice for a variety of hiking and hunting situations! I felt that this boot was more like a tool, or an advanced piece of gear. In the mountains you just cannot afford failure in footwear, it can lead to a ruined trip, or extreme frustration!


Great Mountain, High Mountain, and Trekking Boot! Perfect choice for tough terrain, side hilling, climbing, and varied temperature. This is at least a 5 year boot.

What they could do better:
On very hard side hilling, the boot did have a tendency to collapse some on the side. This put pressure on my outside ankle bone, where one of the laces attached. I did make a hiking adjustment and did not see this again.
So, but more padding at this point. Keep in mind my foot is prone to this problem and most guys would probably not see this issue.

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  1. Great review thanks

  2. Graham Gregory says:


    I have been directed to your website whilst looking for a review on Crispi Kanada boots. When I found the video I was disappointed. Firstly I was surprised that it was a very short review and whilst I was aware that it was just an initial review I would have expected a trip of at least a good few kilometers taking in a variety of wet, dry, muddy, slippy etc etc. The second point I noticed was that your guy was wearing jeans and a leather jacket, hardly what you would expect from a day out on the hill.

    Are you able to tell me if there is an updated review of the boots that you have done?

    I was looking to buy a pair for my work, hard walking in Scotland but want to see the boots put through some proper action first. Can you help?



    • Graham
      These boot have been from Alaska, to the Wind River, so the Escalante Desert. They are fantastic and have had zero failures.
      The video was just to show the features. Believe me we have pounded these boots, and they hold up.


  3. Great review just one question? Are these boots waterproof? I realize they have the goretex but I want to make sure they are waterproof also

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