PSE Bow Madness XL Review


PSE Bow Madness XL

Editor: Mike

Basic Description of item: 2011 PSE Bow Madness, Camo Hunting Bow


Just the Facts: 36 inch axle to axle, 332 fPS, 6 inch brace height, weight 4.4 lbs.

I spent an afternoon at the local Archery Range setting up and shooting this bow.


The set up was pretty straight forward, we just slapped on a whisker bisquit, put on a cheap sight, tied on a release loop and away we went. I used a Scott release for the testing.

I was impressed with the first shot out of the bow. It was quiet and seemed quite fast! I was off a little bit, but had it shooting good groups quickly.

The bow was very quiet. I did notice some leaping in the bow. It wanted to jump forward when I shot, so it had some jerk but no vibration.

The bow did not feel very balanced in my hand. It seemed to pitch backwards when I held it loosely. I could probably fix this by trying different stabalizers.

The draw was smooth, with a very distinct STOP. I like this! It makes me know I am at the end.

I also shot 2 other bows that were in this price range, and concluded this bow was in the middle of the 3.

I think the bow looks cool! It has a very distinctive look and feel. I have owned several PSEs over the years, and this one is certainly better than all of them.

If you like PSE, like this crazy look, and are ok with a little shot shock, then this would be a good option.

What could they do better:


Littler better weight balance of the bow.

Publish the actual shooting speed, I do not buy 323.

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  1. “Publish the actual shooting speed, I do not buy 323.”
    As you most likely realize, the actual shooting speed will change with each person shooting the bow. The actual speed as they tested it may verry well be 323. If you are going to review something, how about keeping to what you actually tested. This will give more credibility.

    • We did not test the actual shooting speed of this bow, and we did comment that we felt 323 was NOT accurate.
      Many factors weigh into a bows speed: Arrow Weight, Draw Length, just to name a couple.

    • Willie Gilligan says

      The man gave a great review. I have the bow, and the specs they tested at will not produce 323, but its still fast…

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